Over 100 million inpatient data sets in visually prepared and
interactive presentation

Unification of performance data, structural and patient characteristics as well as economic key figures

Market analysis

How is the hospital market shaping up?

These data are taken from the quality report. They contain the performance data of the hospitals and departments in relation to the underlying main diagnoses (ICD-10) and the treatment measures carried out (OPS). They also provide information on a hospital’s infrastructure and contact data for senior staff.

G-DRG analysis

CMI, length of stay and case numbers at county level

Based on the patient’s place of residence, this data shows economic key figures at the county level with regard to the case mix indexes (CMI), the average length of stay and the number of cases. This data is output per DRGbase DRGMDC or partition.

Patient analysis

Who is the affected patient clientele?

This data contains the services used for billing. In addition to the recorded main and secondary diagnoses (ICD-10) and the performed treatment measures (OPS), they also contain information on the patients themselves. In detail, these are the age of the patients concerned, naming the genders. The duration of the average length of stay can also be viewed in the diagnosis area.

Geo analysis

Visual presentation

The data from the market analysis, the G-DRG analysis and the Clinic Guide can be displayed on the map of Germany for visual presentation. This allows the eye to see where potentials can be found or sales areas are particularly strong or weak. Depending on the perspective, visually prepared analyses can be performed.