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The Reimbursement Institute, founded in August 2015, specializes in the reimbursement of medical procedures in the aG-DRG system. For a better understanding of this complex and constantly changing system, all available information was compiled. In extensive glossary entries and blog posts, the aG-DRG system was illuminated and described with all its facets. In addition to easy-to-understand text, graphics were created that also reflect what was read in a visual way. Thus, it is possible to inform oneself about relevant topics and to acquire a basic knowledge.


Based on years of experience in the inpatient sector and the ability to deal with all facets in depth, the experts at the Reimbursement Institute possess an enormous wealth of knowledge. This is used in consulting on various issues relating to the aG-DRG system or the integration of innovative medical products into standard care. In basic workshops and portfolio-related training courses, the knowledge acquired is imparted and made available for further training.

Data analysis

The online platform reimbursement.INFO was developed for the analysis of hospital data and to support consulting work. It combines all relevant information on the aG-DRG system in an interactive way. Sets of rules and their relationships to one another allow quick conclusions to be drawn about the systematics of fee-per-case reimbursement. In addition to this reimbursement-related presentation, the platform allows extensive analyses of the hospital market. These show the performance data, patient and structural characteristics as well as the economic key figures of the hospital landscape.


The union of fundamental knowledge, the support of experience and expert knowledge, and the use of data analysis creates transparency in the complex and far-reaching aG-DRG system. By ensuring traceability of the interrelationships, the experts of the Reimbursement Institute ensure that the players in the inpatient sector are sufficiently informed at all times to be able to derive the most important findings – ensuring that innovation reaches the patient!