Market Access & Reimbursement for Inpatient Medical Devices in Germany

– Consulting and Training by Qualified Experts –

Overview of the services of the Reimbursement Institute

Training / Workshops

We accompany you individual and competent from the idea till the successful market entry

Application Processes

We advice and support you for the following application procedures:NUB / §137h, OPS and DRG

Data Analysis

We create market analysis, trend, competition and coding analysis based on your product portfolio

DRGs = Flat Rate

The flat rate means that a hospital receives a fixed income per treatment case. This revenue should at best cover all costs necessary for inpatient treatment. This includes staff costs, material costs and infrastructure costs. Only investment goods in general are not financed through the DRGs. The determination of a DRG is based on individual, patient-related data (ICD, OPS, age, respiratory time, etc.) by means of a certified assignment software (grouper). Each DRG has an individual relative weight, which when multiplied by the applicable basic case value, provides the revenue for the hospital. Each DRG has a lower and upper threshold duration of stay. An excess or a decrease in stay of this threshold results in an increase or decrease in the revenue received by the hospital.

Revenue Relevant = Reimbursement

The transformation of hospitals from pure service providers to commercial enterprises has long been completed. As a consequence, only a few therapeutic and diagnostic methods are used without reimbursement. In particular, this also affects innovative methods that are not or only partially used without additional NUB fees. In order to integrate a process (product) into the G-DRG system, an evaluation of the existing reimbursement situation as well as strategic planning, based on the individual process information, is necessary. Planning for the reimbursement process begins approximately 2 years before the approval of a medical device and is closely linked to the Market Access area.

Timetable Overview




European Hospital correspondent Holger Zorn in an interview

with Nicole Eisenmenger – CEO of the Reimbursement Institute


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