G-DRG proposal



G-DRG proposal procedure

G-DRG Proposal procedure

The Joint Self-Governance has entrusted InEK GmbH with the task of establishing a regular procedure for the involvement of medical, scientific and other external expertise for the further development of the aG-DRG system.

The G-DRG proposal procedure thus supports further development and maintenance in order to adapt the system to the constantly changing circumstances. In addition to the information from the hospitals’ documented data, these suggestions are the reason why the aG-DRG system is also referred to as a “learning system”.

For this purpose, it is sufficient to write one proposal on one topic. There is neither prioritization nor an advantage in sending multiple proposals with identical content or text.

Submitting organizations

The proposals for change should primarily be prepared and submitted by health insurance funds and professional associations. This procedure is intended to ensure efficient problem identification and solution proposal formulation. However, private individuals are also permitted to submit proposals. But, they are asked to coordinate with the relevant interest groups.

The following organizations/institutions may submit G-DRG proposals:

  • Self-governance bodies (inpatient care)
  • Medical associations
  • German Medical Association
  • German Nursing Council
  • Federal Association of Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Top organization of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Other organizations and institutions

Proposals submitted by the above-mentioned organizations and institutions contribute experience from clinical practice as well as medical expert knowledge to the further development and promote the topicality of the system.

The Institute for the Hospital Remuneration System informs the submitter, after the procedure has been completed, about the type of involvement or the reason for not considering the proposal by e-mail.


The procedure is opened annually at the beginning of December and closed at the end of February of the following year. In the case of a proposal submitted via the InEK data portal by February 28, the InEK can promise to make inquiries in the event of ambiguities.

Although late applications can still be submitted until March 31, no guarantee can be given that the proposal will be processed on time in this case.