About us


The Reimbursement Institute is a registered trademark of RI Innovation GmbH, based in Huerth near Cologne. We are independent and do not receive any funding or investment subsidies from external companies or institutions. We pursue our guiding principle “So that innovation reaches the patient” with dedication and motivation.

An essential part of our daily work is researching and preparing information about the German inpatient reimbursement system and writing relevant information in generally understandable language. For this purpose, we have written the most comprehensive glossary on the subject of G-DRG in Germany.

In addition to our extensive information texts in the glossary, information pages on the proposal and enquiry procedure are available to you on all aspects of the G-DRG system. Regular press articles and blog entries (see also at https://reimbursement.info) provide information on established and current topics.

With our work, we address hospitals, professional societies, health insurance companies, purchasing companies, manufacturers of medical material, journalists up to consultants and students. Because we take the view that you can only achieve great things by working together. And the system in which our health care is financed can only be as good as the information we bring into it.

In order to be able to record and individually use the complexity of the individual components of the G-DRG system efficiently, in a structured and, above all, valid manner, the online platform reimbursement.INFO was programmed. All relevant data on the German hospital landscape since 2006 can be found here.

Registration and use of the basic version is free of charge for all users!