Coding Guide


Presentation of the coding of diagnoses and treatment measures

Guideline for the valid coding of pathology and medical procedures

Coding information for clinical scenarios, drugs and medical devices

Kodierratgeber (auch Kodierleitfäden) beinhalten Informationen zur Kodierung eines medizinischen Themengebietes oder zu einem innerklinisch erbrachtem Verfahren. Sie geben darüber hinaus meist Aufschluss über die Höhe der zu erwartenden Erstattung über das G-DRG System.

Eine lückenlose und präzise Kodierung ist für die Leistungserbringer verpflichtend sowie essentiell. Erbrachte Leistungen können nur so über das DRG Fallpauschalen System erstattet werden. Weiterhin bildet sie die Grundlage für die Weiterentwicklung des G-DRG Systems und ist daher auch für das Institut für das Entgeltsystem im Krankenhaus (InEK) von höchster Wichtigkeit. Denn eben diese Weiterentwicklung beruht maßgeblich auf den Leistungsdaten der Datenlieferung gem. § 21 KHEntgG sowie auf den Kostendaten der InEK Kalkulationskrankenhäuser.



Coding guides contain information on the coding of a medical topic or on a procedure performed within a hospital. In addition, they usually provide information on the amount of reimbursement to be expected via the G-DRG system.

Complete and precise coding is mandatory and essential for service providers. Only in this way can services rendered be reimbursed via the DRG flat rate system. Furthermore, it forms the basis for the further development of the G-DRG system and is therefore also of utmost importance for the Institute for the Hospital Remuneration System (InEK). It is precisely this further development that is based to a large extent on the performance data of the data delivery in accordance with § 21 Hospital Remuneration Act (KHEntgG) and on the cost data of the InEK calculation hospitals.


Creation date

After publication of the definition manuals of the InEK as well as the OPS classification from the BfArM in the fall of each year, the current facts can be viewed and processed. The update takes place annually due to the system development.



Typically, the coding advisor or coding guide assists the medical controllers in the initial evaluation of an economically balanced use of medical procedures. In some hospitals, the purchaser is also entrusted with answering this question. Physicians are also becoming increasingly interested in this topic. Furthermore, they assist the coding specialists in the correct coding of the applied services and thus ensure the reimbursement of the applied costs.



Coding guides are often produced by the pharmaceutical or medical technology manufacturers themselves or by contracted consulting companies. They are therefore frequently limited to the respective procedure (product) offered or an active ingredient.

Furthermore, coding guides are formulated and published by some medical societies for the respective subject area.

Our alternative to the coding guide

Due to the large number of different types of therapy and procedures, countless coding guides reach hospitals every year. Different DIN formats make sorted storage almost impossible. Due to hygiene regulations in the treatment environment (e.g. operating room), even a laminated edition is out of the question. This leads to an increasingly negative attitude on the part of the recipients. The online platform reimbursement.INFO has a digital alternative.


Digital connection of OPS and product


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