DRG Training – Basics of the aG-DRG system

Customized training for your needs

Understandable explanation for a complex topic

The aG-DRG system is an extremely complex and yet profoundly logical instrument for the flat-rate, case-based remuneration of our inpatient patient care. We help you understand the system, navigate it, analyze it in a well-founded and targeted manner to the point of being able to successfully help shape this as needed.

Get answers to questions like:

  • What exactly is a fee per case (aG-DRG) and how is it generated?
  • How will bedside care be reimbursed starting in 2020, or how will reimbursement levels be calculated?
  • What is the composition of revenues and how are they calculated?
  • What revenue opportunities exist outside of the flat rate and what does “budget” mean?
  • Which instruments are available for further development and who is allowed to use them?
  • What is the function of calculation hospitals?
  • and much more.

Modular structure and content

Different levels of prior knowledge require individual training content. For this reason, we offer you individual modules that specifically address your individual training needs.

Module 0

Challenges of the G-DRG system

Module 1

Institutions, tasks and interaction

Module 2

G-DRG Browser / aG-DRG Report Browser

Module 3

G-DRG regulations

Module 4

G-DRG structure

Module 5

aG-DRG and nursing revenue calculation

Module 6

Calculation of the relative weight

Module 7

Cost calculation of medical material

Module 8

Reimbursement strategies

Module 9

Analysis tools

Module 10

Design of the G-DRG system

Module 11

Portfolio reference (optional)