DRG Assessment


The successful further development of the G-DRG system requires the involvement of external medical and scientific expertise. This is made possible by the DRG proposal procedure, which is carried out and evaluated by the InEK on behalf of the Joint Self-Government. The core objective of the self-administration is to find solutions for the G-DRG system on the basis of the “Agreement on the Introduction of a Flat-Rate Remuneration System”.

DRG Proposal Procedure

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Editing the incoming DRG proposals


After timely receipt of the DRG proposals for the further development of the G-DRG System, the InEK immediately starts processing these. The following steps are adhered to in the proposal editing:


  1. Assignment of a procedure number
  2. Allocation of the proposal number – Proposals are considered “accepted” and can no longer be changed
  3. If there are any questions, it is possible to contact the proposing organizations
  4. Editing of formally submitted proposals
  5. Decision making – Documenting the decisions – Communicating the reasons for considering the proposal to the proposing organization

Publication of the received proposals


After completion of the submission phase and thorough review of the proposals, they will be published at the end of May.

Publication will take place on the InEK website in the form of an Excel table. All submitted proposals will be sorted according to

  • Procedure number and submitting institution
  • Submitting institution and procedure number
  • Procedure number together with submitting institution and quintessence

This publication serves to increase the transparency of the DRG proposal procedure.