December 04, 2017



Brief introduction to the G-DRG system


As Europe’s biggest economy, Germany spends upward of 11% of its GDP on healthcare. More than 2000 hospitals spread across the country cater to the inpatient needs of the 82.6 million people. It is compulsory to have health insurance in Germany and about 89% of the country’s population is covered by public insurance while the rest by private insurance. German healthcare system follows the DRG or the diagnosis related groups system for hospital financing and for the treatment of its patients.


It is evident from the data above that Germany is one of the leading markets for the healthcare industry and to understand this market, it is very important to understand the DRG based system. DRG is a learning system which is constantly improving itself to increase efficiency and transparency in healthcare. To achieve this goal, it is necessary that current technology reaches patients as soon as possible. What is even more critical however, is a patient’s well-being. This part is non-negotiable and thus, very high standards and checks are in place.  


We are living in the age where technology is evolving rapidly and new techniques and drugs are being churned out faster than ever before. These products have to pass the litmus test of not only basic quality and safety (such as the CE mark) but also prove their benefits by extensive clinical data. Unfortunately it does not end there. It is of critical importance to understand the rules and regulations and timeline in place to bring these innovative products to the patient’s bedside and this goes beyond just good supporting data.  


While on the one hand we are well aware of what problems hospitals face in introducing new treatments; we have also seen producers on the other hand that are ill prepared and end up getting caught in the web of bureaucracy which ends up either slowing them down or completely stalling the possibilities to enter the hospital reimbursement system in time and bring their innovation to the market. The ultimate loss however is of the patient’s, who this technology fails to reach in time and thus, negatively affecting many lives.



The onlineplattform


This is where we can help. As people who have worked in healthcare for more than a decade, we have a thorough understanding of the reimbursement sector. Our platform reimbursemt.INFO is just one of the examples how we have tried to use technology to bridge the gaps between the administration, service providers and producers. The platform is cutting edge and user friendly, not only for the hospitals to streamline their work-flow but also for the producers to better understand their market and their strengths.


Our knowhow about this industry is at the disposal not only for the producers but also healthcare providers to facilitate in bringing innovation to the bedside. Talk to us about NUB, about OPS, about DRG and we will see to it that you are prepared for every step along different timelines and together we can make sure that no patient misses the treatment he or she deserves.


To learn more about the German healthcare system, you can make use of our webpage and read through the biggest glossary in Germany containing valuable information about this system. At any step, we are just a phone call away for any questions and needs that you may have.